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Miqueas 6.8 exists as a family that saves children from poverty and injustice and raises them to be leaders in Honduras.

  • … “It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don’t take yourself too seriously—take God seriously…”

    - Micah 6:8, MSG -

Our Story

The need is great. But at Miqueas, the will to help is even greater.

The Need
The need was great. Children were suffering neglect, abuse, and effects of poverty beyond what could easily be imagined. Moved by what we saw in Honduras, we believed we should exist to gather those children who had endured so much and bring them into a loving and nurturing home where they could grow, learn, and hope for a better future.
The Home
Since 2006, when the property in La Colorada, Honduras, was purchased, Miqueas has set forth as a plan to create a sanctuary and home for children in need. From the Spanish for Micah 6:8, Miqueas 6.8 became a symbol of the enduring community partnership and hope for the children it cares for and educates. With construction of our children’s home, we built a physical place waiting patiently to be filled with love.
The Staff
In 2009, our staff grew. Jacob and Melody Cherian left their home in New York and relocated to Honduras to become our base administrators and parents to the children. They spent the first year working in the community, building contacts and relationships, and spreading the message of hope Miqueas 6.8 can foster. Finally, in 2009, the home was ready.
The Mission
From all across Honduras we began taking in children lost or abandoned by the world at large. Whether victims of extreme poverty, rape, abuse, or neglect, we accept those children that need the support of our full-time staff and the compassion of Christ. We believe the best way to help them is to provide them with parenting, and a stable family. We help develop them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, to ensure they grow into prosperous and outstanding adults.
The Kids
Our successes are astounding. Our current roster of 39 children are incredibly precious and resilient. They are smiling. They are lively. And they possess an infectious energy and optimism that continually lights up the lives of our 13 staff members. They may have once been called orphans, but we just call them our kids; we are their parents forever. The road has been long and prosperous, but there is still so much more to do at Miqueas. As we constantly expand our efforts, and as our team of specialists works with each child individually to nurture their development, we need your support and prayers to further our goals.
Our Recipe
We are a home, not an orphanage. That distinction is found in the level of care, love, and message of hope we provide. We promote the individual. God made us each unique, and we treat our children accordingly. Our staff is specialized to meet each need and give the highest quality of care. With 8 full-time nannies, a physiologist, a lawyer, volunteers, staff that help us smoothly operate day to day, and a faithful God, we have not done all of this alone.
The Future
The need is great. But at Miqueas, the will to help is even greater. All children deserve the opportunity to learn about Christ, explore their own identities, and pursue their passions in a safe and supportive environment. That’s exactly what we provide and it’s exactly what you can help give to a child in need.Join Miqueas and help us encourage and provide for our children as we give them a platform for greatness and a future! And together we’ll give these precious kids of Honduras hope and happiness everlasting.


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Under One Roof


It has been Jacob and I’s greatest desire to have our kids better understand family roles in a family setting. However, we have been confronted with a few obstacles in our current house. With a lot of prayer, research, and guidance, we believe that it is time to build a house that not only provides a better home environment for our family, but also resolves some of our existing concerns.
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Children: Pray that they continue to grow to learn more about Christ, and continue to excel in their development in studies. Pray against discouragement, doubt, and fear.

Staff: Pray for the nannies and staff members and their families that we work with on a daily basis. Pray for their safety and their health!

Jacob & Melody: Pray for strength and wisdom daily as they navigate how to best raise all 39 of these children! Pray for marriage, health, and favor among people!

Board: Pray for wisdom as they too, navigate how to build and raise funds need for Miqueas!